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サマージャンクション/Dance With Me

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久々のGuava Co.新譜!時代はめぐりにめくって80s!今回は大好きなNyaronsのchikaさんと、kidlitさんと、それぞれツインVo.で歌い上げている2曲。T2は次のアルバムより(歌詞と解釈を変えた)先行収録。


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Koszonto - caturatri


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[DJMAX RESPECT] quixotic - music by bermei.inazawa

I had the honor to sung and wrote lyrics for this song, quixotic, which is written by bermei.inazawa for a new game in DJMAX series. You can also listen to the full ver. at DJMAX RESPECT official site.

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